Blue Duck Tire is Chicago best source for high quality, discount semi and commercial truck tires. We have an unbeatable selection, the lowest prices, and the easiest installation process in the business. Plus, we offer instant credit and a huge network of shops and installation locations to get you on the road quickly!

Quality is Key

Blue Duck Tire is Chicago’s exclusive dealer of Inning Brand and Great Way Semi Truck tires. These tires are precision machined by German and American tools and dynamically balanced and X-rayed to assure that every tire’s quality is consistent and provides even wear and a long mileage lifespan.

Instant Financing

Trucking is hard and money is tight. Keeping your truck outfitted with the best semi truck tires and on the road is the most important thing to you and is the goal of our business. Our instant financing keeps your wheels rolling with “Buy now, Pay later” options. Contact us today to
find out how.

Installation Throughout Chicago

Trusted, professional, and fast installation of semi truck tires close to home or on your route means no downtime to get new tires on your truck. Our large network of shops are ready to service you. Set up your appointment


Exclusive Selection

At 9.25 in (23.5 cm) wide and 29/32 in (23 mm) deep, these tires have the largest surface area and depth compared to our competition, resulting in superior traction, excellent heat distribution, and allowing for even wear and a longer life.

Upfront Pricing

ALL taxes, fees, and installation are built into the price. What you see is what you pay. No Surprises!

Instant Financing

Keeping you on the road is our goal and our instant financing is a great way to do it. Take advantage of our “Buy now, Pay later” options.

Chicagoland Service

We have a network of experienced, and professional local shops that speak your language offering a wide variety of services including alignments, oil changes and brake jobs.

Consistent Inventory

Your trusted brand matters. You’ll always find the tire you want at Blue Duck Tire.

Precision and Quality

German, Japanese and American engineering and are at the heart of Blue Duck Tire’s supply. Every tire is precision machined and X-ray checked for quality assurance.


Blue Duck Tire certified shops are professional and fast. They offer a wide range of services and options to keep you rolling. Buy your tires with us and find your next trusted repair shop and mechanic as an added benefit.


New tires come into our warehouse every week and we distribute to our network constantly. That means you get quality and a great price! Check out the featured products now!


Whether you are ordering, checking on a status, or interested in instant financing, our sales professionals are ready to help. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you immediately to assist.
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